Update On Arizona’s Fattest Woman – Her Boyfriend Left Her For Losing Weight

Posted under Metro Area News,People by Laura on Tuesday 1 January 2013 at 4:59 pm
Susanne Eman - Arizona's Fattest Woman We posted several years ago about Casa Grande’s Susanne Eman and her quest to be the world’s fattest woman.

This is taken directly from her website, the emphasis is mine:

Susanne is now in a weight loss facility that Dr. Phil recommended and helped her get admitted into. Her choice to lose weight didn’t sit too well with her fiance Parker Clark. That prompted Susanne to part ways with him. Susanne now weighs in at 500lbs and plan to lose 200 more pounds by June.

Good for her for losing weigh but is that an abusive fetish on behalf of fiance Parker Clark?

Here’s a video from around the time she was at her fattest: