See what a nuclear explosion would do to your town

Posted under On the Web by Administrator on Saturday 28 February 2009 at 5:56 pm

Woman hit and killed while attempting to crawl across US 60

Posted under Metro Area News by Laura on Friday 27 February 2009 at 3:24 pm

Woman killed crawling across US 60.

Phoenix cop: Arizona as dangerous as Pakistan.

Sheriff’s deputies search for missing man near Tonto basin.

Police arrest 2 after seizing 277 pounds of marijuana.

Suspected coyotes and migrants arrested at drophouse.

2-year-old seriously burned in trailer fire.

Gila River tribe against casinos opening off of their reservation.

Thiefs attempting to drive off with ATM leave empty-handed.

Executives at Arizona financial company sued for $1 billion.

Tempe brings in $1.56 million from photo radar each year.

Dr. Death weighs in on suicide club with possible Arizona ties.

Man shot to death by friend at Phoenix home.

Cardinal quarterback Kurt Warner now a free agent.

Serial killer suspect Dale Hausner waiting for jury

Posted under Metro Area News by Laura on Thursday 26 February 2009 at 8:08 pm

Serial killer suspect Dale Hausner’s fate in jury’s hands.

FBI seeks help in armored car robbery.

Police arrest second suspect in robbery, kidnapping.

Arizona teen arrested for attempted murder of baby.

Neighbors suspicious of ‘sex church’.

5 students in injured in Phoenix bus crash.

Cactus League opens in Phoenix.

3 arrested in Phoenix mortgage scheme.

Woman set afire dies.

Man re-issued license one day before fatal crash.

Phoenix tops the list for distressed retail environment.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio asks judge to be removed from profiling case.

Courthouse escapee found guilty in absentia.

Man throws woman’s baby; both arrested.

FBI raids Mesa cable company.

Kurt Warner breaks off contract talks with AZ Cardinals.

Man steals SUV with toddler inside.

A dozen students arrested after gang sweep.

Gunshot by officer, not rollover, cited in teen’s death.

Man accused of putting toddler in dryer.

2 arrested in Phoenix for armed robbery.

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