7 dead after bus crash near Hoover Dam

Posted under Phoenix News by Laura on Saturday 31 January 2009 at 4:10 pm

7 dead and 10 injured after bus rolls over near Hoover Dam.

Rapper DMX sentenced to 90 days in Phoenix jail.

Phoenix couples soon able to register as domestic partners.

Bird Nest’s reputation for revelry intact.

Valley woman celebrates 105th birthday.

Lolos cooks lucky meals for Arizona Cardinals.

Mesa could lose Cubs before contract ends.

Things to do other than watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.

Celebrities pick the Super Bowl winner

Posted under events,Phoenix Sports by Laura on Friday 30 January 2009 at 2:20 pm

Who is going to win the big game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Here are some predictions from celebrities:

MAYA ANGELOU, poet and author: Arizona, 27-16, because the Cardinal bird is so poetic.

MIKE HAYDEN, CIA director: Pittsburgh, 27-17. The Cardinals are on a roll, but it’s tough playing against a team of destiny. Blocking is blocking, and tackling is tackling.

PLACIDO DOMINGO, opera star: Pittsburgh, 31-17.

ROSEANNE BARR, comedienne: The great prognosticator from the Pitch Dark Ages, Nostradumbass, (not to be confused with his more famous cousin with a similar name) has prophesied: “When the small but mighty red bird who has floundered for ages in the desert confounds the proud prophets of the Pigskin Council and soars into the Ceremonial Bowl that is most mighty, the haughty warriors of Steel from The East shall be humbled and the multitudes and moneychangers will be vexed and chastened … Translation: Arizona, 24-21

BARRY WILLIAMS, Greg on “The Brady Bunch”: Arizona, 31-27. They will surprise everyone.

JUDY TENUTA, comedienne: Hot throbbing studcicle quarterback/comeback king, Kurt Warner (along with feisty receiver Larry Fitzgerald) will blast through the Steelers’ killer defense led by beefy burrito Troy Polamalu and big Ben Roethlisberger, powering the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl victory in 60 years. It could happen!

TED GIANNOULAS aka SAN DIEGO CHICKEN: Arizona, 29-24. This is a no bird-brainer. They’ve got the hot hands in Warner and Fitz, their coach knows Pittsburgh as their assistant for 6 years and they’ve had easier playoffs, making them fresher for their beak, er, peak run.

SCOTT ADAMS, “Dilbert” cartoonist: Pittsburgh, 21-14. Clearly a steelworker could stomp a bird to death.

CARL LEWIS, Olympic track star: I’m boycotting talking about the Super Bowl. I’m still irate about the Eagles.

DENNIS MILLER, comedian: Obama with 52.7 percent.

St John’s boy released from detention, Arpaio ends ‘Con Rail’

Posted under Phoenix News by Laura on Friday 30 January 2009 at 2:10 pm

Phoenix bars cater to Steelers fans.

Dog poisonings reporting in soutwest Mesa.

Mesa family restrained with shoelaces in home invasion.

Salt RIver Pima-Maricopa County Indian Community votes to allow alcohol sales in Scottsdale retail corridor.

Gilbert man arrested for selling heroin to teens.

Man arrested after slow speed chase on I-10 in West Valley.

$3 million dollars in marijuana seized by border patrol.

Opening statements heard in dismemberment murder trial.

Scottsdale condo projects face difficult times.

Sheriff Arpaio announces end of ‘Con Rail’.

Phoenix robber hits bank a second time.

State budget numbers nearly locked in by GOP legislators.

Conservationists protest APS shredding saguaro cactus.

8-year-old St John’s boy accused of double homicide released from detention.

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