I really don’t know how to describe this…

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So I won’t try to hard. Here’s a music video from the National Reconnaissance Office….

Man mistakenly released from jail, kills a Mesa man

Posted under Phoenix Crime by Administrator on Friday 30 March 2007 at 4:00 pm

Fingers are being pointed after a man released by mistake from jail allegedly stabbed and killed a man on Tuesday.

Ruben Rivera, 23, was let out of jail March 16th after a court administrator failed to deliver the right paperwork to the jail in time.

On Tuesday, police say Rivera killed a man in Mesa, then fled.

“The ball was dropped but it was not dropped by the county attorney’s office” said spokesperson Barnett Lotstein.

The County Attorney’s office went on the defensive, saying the court system should have never allowed bail for Rivera in the first place. After all, they said, Rivera is an illegal immigrant and under Proposition 100, judges should not grant them bail.

Two fatalities close Loop 202 Wednesday night

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Two people were killed Wednesday night in a fiery collision on the Loop 202 in Tempe.

The driver accused of causing the accident has been arrested. The Department of Public Safety said 25-year-old Nicholas Fina of Tempe was booked for investigation of vehicle manslaughter.

DPS said the accident occurred around 8 p.m. last night near the Scottsdale Road exit when a 2002 Honda driven by Fina plowed into the rear of a car that was parked in the emergency lane – possibly with a flat tire – on the right side of the freeway.

Investigators say the impact caused the parked vehicle to careen across four lanes of traffic and smash into the concrete barrier on the left side, then burst into flames. The two occupants were killed.


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