Cabelas opens in Glendale

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The new outdoor retail center Cabelas opened recently in Glendale.

Glendale Cabelas

It’s located at the 101 and Glendale Avenue.

Iowa man requests unemployment after drinking auto fuel at work

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Cory Neddermeyer, a self-professed recovering alcoholic, decided to try drinking ethanol while working at the Amaizing Energy Company (clever name) in Denison, Iowa.

He woke up in the hospital.

A judge denied his request for unemployment:

“I am a recovering alcoholic, and I thought about the availability of this alcohol throughout the day,” he wrote in a statement later provided to state officials. “Curious about the taste and its effects, I dipped into this lake of liquor and drank what I considered to be 2 to 3 ounces. The next thing I remember is waking up in Crawford County Memorial Hospital.”

Neddermeyer argued that his employer shared in the responsibility for the incident because the spill at the plant provided an “opportunity” for him to drink.

He also argued that Amaizing Energy was discriminating against him due to his “disease of alcoholism.”

He asked (Judge) Hillary whether the protections afforded him under the Americans with Disabilities Act could be applied to his request for unemployment benefits.

“The fact that you’re an alcoholic does not excuse your behavior,” Hillary replied. “You’re not allowed to come into an unemployment hearing and say, ‘I’m an alcoholic so I don’t have to live with the misconduct standards.’ ”

New Times examines Baseline Killer’s 2nd (known) victim Tina Washington

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Story here.

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