More about the Rural RailRoad Bridge

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A few quick facts about the Sunset Route – a Union Pacific stretch of tracks from El Paso to Los Angeles.

The Sunset Route Crossing Over Rural Road Bridge on Tempe Town Lake

1) Was referred to as “Stormy” by old timers because of the summer storms.
2) Was finished in 1881.
3) A stub line from the Sunset route into Tombstone was finished on that same year. This was the same year as the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
4) By the late 1800s the Sunset Route was delivering tourists to destinations in Phoenix, Tucson, and California.
5) A piece of land south of the Gila River was purchased by Congress from Mexico for the Sunset Route. The name of the purchase was the Gadsden um…Purchase.

Photography Show at the Phoenix Art Musuem

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A history of photography dubbed, ‘Keeping Shadows’, will be shown at the Phoenix Art Museum from now until March 2nd 2006.

There are everything from old-school daguerrotypes and portraits to abstract modern photos and satellite snapshots from NASA.

Here’s more info on the exhibit:
Keeping Shadows

Tempe 12 Calendar Girls

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A field of 64 for hot ASU chicks. Ingenious!

These guys are running a March Madness style tournament of hot-ass ASU models.

Explanation of the tourney and pictures below the fold.

The contest kicks off today and runs until March 9th. Just like the NCAA tourney, girls go head-to-head with the last
girl standing winning some cash and a vacation. There’s something about a calendar too..

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