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Police say they've connected Mark Goudeau with all crimes connected with the Baseline Killer case

Click here for background information on the Baseline Killer Case

Phoenix police now say that all of the Baseline Killer cases are linked to Mark Goudeau including a new murder that was previously unkown to the public.

Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris wants Maricopa County Chief Prosecutor to charge Goudeau with 72 counts in 19 different cases including robbery, murder and rape.

The new murder was that of Sopha Nunez. Nunez was shot to death in her home on April 26th, 2006. Her 8-year-old son found her body in the bathtub after returning home from school. Police believe Nunez and Goudeau knew each other.



Update 10/26/06 Goudeau's attorney says case will rest on DNA.

Update 9/12/06: Baseline Killer suspect's sister says Mark Goudeau was framed.

Update 9/7/06: Police arrest suspect in Baseline Killer Case

Artist's depiction of the Baseline Rapist

Phoenix police believe the alleged "Baseline Killer" Mark Goudeau has killed as many nine people, mostly women, in Phoenix beginning with murder of 19 year old Georgia Thompson on September 8th 2005. Georgia Thompson was killed at the Saddle Club apartment complex in Tempe.

Police are attributing more than 19 attacks since August 6 2005 including robberies, sexual assaults, and murders.

The first incident, a rape occurred near South 48th Street and Baseline Road.

As of July 12th 2006, the most recent crime, a murder, was committed on June 29th, 2006.

All of these crimes were committed in an area bounded by Indian School to the north, Baseline Road to the south, 48th Street on the east and 31st Avenue on the west.*


*New reports by police - specifically the attribution of Georgia Thompson's death to the Baseline Rapist would remap the boundaries several miles east of the map below.

Map of crime scene boundaries


9/8/2005 - Georgia Thompson Killed by Gunshot to the Head at the Saddle Club Apartments in Tempe

The Arizona Republic has published an article saying 19 year old Georgia Thompson was shot in the head laying face down outside her apartment at the Saddle Club in Tempe.

A man named James Dewayne Mullins had pleaded guilty to this murder after being arrested on burglary in Kentucky. Phoenix police now say they have irrefutable evidence that the Baseline Rapist, not James Mullins, is responsible for the killing.


12/12/2005 - Tina Washington Murdered Near South Phoenix Bus Stop

Tina Washington, a teacher at Cactus Preschool on 36th St and Southern was found dead behind a business near 40th Street and Southern. Police discovered her body after reports of shots being fired in the area.

Tina had been waiting for a bus to take her to her Tempe home. It was around 6 PM on a Monday evening.

Bus stop where Tina was last seen

Tina had previously told coworkers that two black men wearing hooded sweatshirts had been harassing her at the bus stop recently.

The day after Tina was killed a black man walked into a gas station across the street from the crime scene and claimed to be a relative of Tina Washington. He wanted to see footage from the crime scene the night before. The employee refused to assist the man.

Circle K across the street from bus stop

Police described a person of interest at the time. They were looking for a 140 pound man between 5' 7'' and 5' 9'' wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, black baggy pants, and possibly glasses.

Tina was a single mom with three sons. She had moved from Missouri 13 years ago.

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Satellite image of crime scene area

2/20/2006 - Double homicide in West Valley

Customers visiting a 'lonchera' or lunch truck found the bodies of 38-year-old Romelio Vargas and 24-year-old Mirna Palma Roman near 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

Police originally believed the murders to be associated with drug dealing as some 'luncheras' have been accused of being involved with in the past. In late July police announced that the case was believed to be connected with the Baseline Killer.

Both women were shot to death.

3/15/2006 - Police Discover Two Bodies on Indian School Road

This case may be the most visible and brazen attack by the Baseline Rapist.

On Wednesday March 15th 2006, two employees of the Chinese restaurant Yoshi's were found dead in two different locations along Indian School road in central Phoenix.

Yoshi's Japanese Restaurant

The first body, 20 year old Liliana Sanchez-Cabrera, was found in a car behind a Burger King in the 2200 block of East Indian School Road. Store employees first noticed the car at 5 am but didn't see the body inside until around 8 am.

Behind Burger King where Liliana's body was found

Liliana Sanchez-Cabrerra died of a gunshot wound.

At 11:45 am Wednesday, police were called to a second location at an alley near the 3200 block of East Indian School Road.

There they discovered 23 year old Chao "George" Chou. Chou also died of a gunshot wound.

Chou and Sanchez had both worked the previous evening at Yoshi's restaurant, located on the northwest corner of 24th Street and Indian School.

They were last seen leaving work together just after 9 PM on Tuesday, March 14th 2006. They were most likely murdered that night.

Satellite view of crime scenes

Articles mentioning the murders of Chao "George" Chou and Liliana Sanchez Cabrerra: - Police find 2 killed a mile apart - 2nd serial predator on the loose


3/29/2006 - 4th Victim Found

The Baseline Rapists fourth murder victim was Kristin Nicole Gibbins.

Unfortunately there is very little information online about this crime. The only information Phx411 could find is that this murder occurred two weeks after the deaths of Chao "George" Chou and Lilliana Sanchez Cabrerra - on March 29th. And that the crime happened at 4102 N 24th Street.

Cross streets of location where Kristin's body was found


6/29/2006 - Baseline Rapist Strikes Again

9 pm: 37 year old Carmen Miranda drove to a car wash near 29th Street and Thomas. Her family drove to the car wash when she didn't return home or answer her cell phone.

The family discovered something from her car at the car wash and called police.

Later Carmen was found dead near 32nd Street and Thomas behind a barber shop.

Barber shop on Thomas St

Picture from behind the barber shop

Satellite image of crime scene

Police are now describing the Baseline rapist as a tall thin black man between the 170 and 200 pounds due to more recent footage caught on the security camera at the car wash.

It would appears that the serial killer would be classified as a disorganized type due to the close proximity of the abduction points and the areas in which the bodies are found.




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