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40 N 1st St Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 252-2285

Hanny's is a trendy bar on the corner of 1st Street and Adams in downtown Phoenix. Hanny's is in a renovated historic building that used to house a department store of the same name. In addition to beer, liquors, and dining, Hanny's has a unique style and vibe that features some of the buildings past including an old elevator shaft with a glass floor that patrons may stand on and a second floor interior balcony that allows patrons to observe the crowd below.

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I had an opportunity to grab pizza and wine here recently with a good friend of mine. There aren't too many spots in downtown Phoenix within walking distance of evening events that also stay open that late and this is definitely one of the nicer and more lively ones.
Fresh and light ambience to the place and good set of people to chat to or just to people watch.
Give the elevator shaft a try but not after you've had a really heavy pizza nor too much wine!


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