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Digital Kaos by Katherine MJ Osborne
Blog Category: Art (Mysql, photography, sketches, physics...this chick is versatile!)
Description: Start with the categories above and get back to us.

Happy Grateful Blog
Blog Category: Art (Poetry)
Blog Description: Short poems from an Arizonan


Easy IT News
Blog Category: Computer
Description: Technology, software, and hardware news.

Friday Lobster
Blog Category: Computer
Description: Video game fan with a particular penchant for old-school nintendo games.

Kathy Marks
Blog Category: Computer
Description: On topic blog about web design and working in the web design field. Bonus: she quotes Carlin on her home page.

Consumer Rights

The Dunning Letter
Blog Category: Consumer Rights
Description: Jack Dunning, of Cave Creek, explores consumer rights and politics.


Blog Category: Food
Description: Tips on saving money at the grocery store along with recipes.

Chrystals Kitchen
Blog Category: Food
Description: Bringing people back to the kitchen and out of fast food.


Layman's Tao
Blog Category: Tao
Description: "One man who knows no Chinese takes a crack at translating the Tao Te Ching."

The author's description doesn't do justice to the content. John Gathercole takes Chinese verses (all of which are from Tao Te Ching) and examines the meaning of the text.


Neth Space
Blog Category: Literature
Description: This blog is centered around what the author calls 'speculative fiction'. Contains lists of books and book reviews.


Eat Stay Play
Blog Category: Outdoors
Description: Good fun and good food!

Snowboard Guru
Blog Category: Outdoors/Snowboarding
Description: Abondoned


Girl Divided
Blog Category: Personal
Description: Not available. Looks a future abandoned blog.

Curiously Overcooked Brain
Blog Category: Personal
Description: Fun accounts of travel and partying in Arizona.

Blog Category: Personal
Description: Diary with photos, humor, current events and relationship issues. Dry.

Geek Behind the Desk
Blog Category: Personal
Description: Author's description? Boring. End of review. Abandonment pending.

Joey the Girl
Blog Category: Personal/Family
Description: Author explores her family, the metro area, and pregancy.

Oracle of OMcHodoy
Blog Category: Personal/Geneaology
Description: This blog chronicles a woman's effort in putting together a family history.

Blog Category: Personal
Description: The blog posts are short and sweet personal musings.

Rich Brown
Blog Category: Personal
Description: Living my life out loud.

Phoenix Guy
Blog Category: Personal
Description - A blog about Phoenix.


Utch Entel Photography Blog

Real Estate

How to Invest in Real Estate
Blog Category: Real estate
Description: Strategies, news and investment ideas in real estate.

Buying A Home In Arizona
How your dollar can buy more house per square foot in Arizona

Phoenix Real Estate and Homes for Sale


Mistress V
A Femme Domme who runs a phone sex number and posts regularly about humiliating sex.



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